Snow and Skis

How many times have I posted here in my blog that I wish I could spend some time somewhere where Snow is ubiquitous. I am born in the Philippines and have lived all my life here. Philippines is a tropical country. We don’t get to experience the snow and all its glory.

It doesn’t hurt to dream, I am dreaming of spending my vacation in a place where skiing can be done. I have found this luxury ski deals online and I find it amazingly cool. Imagine spending your time in a place where your dreams becomes alive. It is not easy to make your own itinerary, especially if you don’t know anything about the place where you are going to. The deals I have found online can make the perfect itinerary for you and me. You just tell them what you want, where you want to go, what kind of foods you love to eat, and they will provide those for you. You don’t need to think any more about anything. You just need to bring your passport and money and you are GOOD to GO. No hassle, no stress, just simply your dream vacation.

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