Turkey Vacation

While reading RD, January 2012 edition, I have realized that Turkey is one great place to travel to. It is a place where the East meets the West. Some people even calls Istanbul as “Europe’s coolest city”.

The author has written travel tips for tourists and guests who would love to visit Turkey or Istanbul. He said that you should not miss Topkapi Palace because they have antiquities and Islamic relics. For eating or dining out, a guest should visit Haci Abdullah for Turkish classics like lamb with eggplant. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, you should check out Ortakoy district for clubs. Of course, a tourist would love to buy gifts for their loved-ones on the way home, so they would need to visit a bazaar and Dhoku is one place to go too.

After reading the article in the Reader’s Digest, I am thinking of visiting Turkey, and of course, I am checking out cheap turkey holidays because I couldn’t afford an expensive one especially if I spend the holidays with my family. Airline tickets, hotels, tours and dining are the things I should prepare my money for. That is why I am glad that there are websites who offers accommodation inclusive of food, and also city tours, plus the airfare for low prices.

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