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Beauty Products

I have joined Pehpot’s Birthday Bash Contest and I didn’t expect to WIN because there are so many people who joined her online contest. It was indeed a BIRTHDAY BASH. There were so many prizes and I am glad I won these:
I am not a beauty buff, but I do use and apply Olay Total Effects on my face. Why? Because I want to keep my face beautiful and free of pimples and acne. Using Olay has been my secret for almost 3 years now. Many people, especially those who I just met, thinks that I am just in my early twenties(yeah, honestly).

I also take good care of my hair, I am using Pantene shampoos but I have never tried this 3 Minute Miracle, not yet. But now that I have this on my closet, I will definitely try it.

I am thankful that I won these beauty products because I have saved myself from spending on buying them.

Family that Travels together, Stays together

I love to travel, everybody does. Traveling on holidays and vacations is one thing that I would love to do with my family. We have three kids so packing light is not our option, and because we tag them along, I needed a place where I know our kids are safe and will surely enjoy the place.

Before choosing a place for a holiday with my family, I checked it out through their websites. This is one thing I appreciate about internet, different companies are now establishing their own website to attract more clients and customers as well as give their possible clients a view of their products and services. I tried to check out holidays to Lanzarote, because it is one of the most popular destinations in Canary Island. The site that I have visited gives out different insights about the place; they also share a lot of great pictures of the area. Aside from that, the website conveys the different activities possible tourist guests can do when they stay there. They have parasailing, kite surfing and scuba diving which I really want to try out and I believe other guests are interested to do too. They have pristine white sand beaches that we can enjoy swimming with my adorable children. The place is just perfect for a holiday vacation that I want to spend with my family.

Moments with my family are the number one reason why I want to travel with them. This kind of experience let us bridge the possible gaps that our age creates and it also brings us together. I believe that other parents too, wanted to spend their holidays together with their children because it brings them closer together.

iPhone 4S – Black Version

I took a picture of my brother’s iPhone 4S using my iPhone on instagram and here it is:

He wanted the iPhone 4S white but sadly, when we call the Globe hotline, it is out of stock so instead he opted for the black one. The size is the same : 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3. The weight (140g) and the screen size (3.5″) are the same as well. The only difference I think is the color. He is a man so a black phone suits him well.

He is having fun using his new phone and he keeps on asking me about iTunes and the App Store. He wants to download the same games that I have such as Temple Run, Castle Master and Cooking Mama (seriously bro? LOL). And even though he is not a camera whore like me, he also downloaded Instagram and never bothered to sign up for it.

Skiing on Holidays

It is raining cats and dogs in here and I became tired of it. If only it is snow that is falling on the roof top, I would love it. I am dreaming of a white Christmas is just a song for me. Christmas is not here, not yet, but I am really dreaming of snowy Christmas. So I checked online if I can find a place where I can spend my dream White and Snowy Christmas.

I can reserve a luxury catered ski chalet with Supertravel if I want to. I have been checking the site and boy; I am amazed by their offers. I could live like a Queen in Europe with their help. They can arrange a great holiday for me and my family. Different people have different tastes, likes and interests, and this site could help me and you to find the best deals, they could arrange everything so that we can enjoy our holiday/vacation.

Skiing is one of the best things to do in the snow, aside from making snowmen, right? I haven’t tried skiing just yet because I have not gone to a snowy place, but I will try it if God permits. I can see people in some photos online, they are having FUN and they enjoying their time skiing and I grew envy of them.

The Overview

When our new car arrived, my father couldn’t help it, he wanted to test drive it. So we went to The Overview located in Quezon Bukidnon. We traveled for almost 2 hours I think, from our place (Pangantucan Bukidnon) before we reached the place.

The Overview is named “Overview” for the reason that it is higher than any other places located near it. You can view a lot of things when you are at the top. Here is a picture of me and my daughter:

The view is great here. SEE????

I mean, hey, you could almost see everything up here.