Monthly Archives: June 2012

Pink Friday : Pink Onesies

Pink Friday, and I don’t want to MISS IT! Here is my share for today’s PINK FRIDAY: Pink Onesies. Maycee gave Chicay these cute little onesies. We love it and I will eventually post a picture of Chicay when she wears them. As of now, the onesies are quite bigger so maybe Chicay can wear it when she is 5 months old already.

Anniversary Gifts for Dads

Parents usually celebrates their anniversaries together with the family. My parents don’t celebrate their wedding anniversaries but I hope they would. Because if ever they will, I have a lot of choices for an anniversary gifts for them. One for my mom and one for my dad.

Dad anniversary gifts ideas that I had in mind are gadgets, car accessories, and t-shirts. Gadgets such as Android tablets or iPads are nice ideas as gifts for dads. And I know that he would also love to receive accessories for his car.

Beautiful Chicay

You must be wondering who is “Chicay”? My baby girl is 3 months old already and yet we haven’t had a proper nickname for her yet. I have been changing it for so many times already, from “Ayah” to “Rairai” and now I call her “Chicay”.

Some people call her “Balang” but it doesn’t sound cute. For now, I am happy calling her “Chicay” because she is cute, she looks chic and she is chinita.

The photo below is her latest photo sporting a girly look, wearing a dress (given by Mommy Rubz) and a cute little headband from Mommy Alou.