Be Vigilant, Get an Insurance

Do you have a life insurance? How about car insurance? As for me, I have insurances for my cars, and just recently I acquired my life insurance. Some people who don’t feel good about having insurances would definitely encourage you not to buy one. But for me, having these insurances (car and life insurance) is one thing that keeps my mind at peace wherever I am. You see, we don’t know when we will die or met a car accident, and sometimes we don’t have the means or money to spend on such mishaps. It is not cheap to live a good life, and it is expensive to die too. For me, having a life insurance makes me feel assured that when I die, my family or the people I left behind will not suffer for lack of resources. I have also learned that you could insure parts of your body such as your butt, your breast, your legs or even your face, aside from that there are it consultant insurance available too. So if you are interested, check out the different rates offered by different insurance companies, and make sure to check if they are for real, because some are not that stable yet.


  1. Before, I used to think that life and car insurance are just additional expenses. But after seeing so many road accidents and experiencing a tragic vehicular accident, I realized how important it is to have both. – Juliet of 4-insure blog

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