Natural Tan

Sometimes I wonder why people who has a fair complexion goes to the beach and lie under the sun? When most of my countrymen, including me, wants to have that fair complexion.

I have tried whitening lotions too, because I wanted to get fairer skin complexion and I wanted to look beautiful. I sometimes hide from the sun because I am scared I might get darker than I used to be. People from the US and other countries are born white naturally, so they usually hit the beach to get that tan skin color they really, really want. Some people who could afford goes to tanning salons for a spray tan. Some of the famous celebrities here in the Philippines who are half-American, half-German, or half-other nationalities sports a tan instead of their usually fair skin colors for the summer months and gets fair skinned again after summer. It is easy for them I guess because they can afford to visit spas and salons to get their most-wanted look.

But there are people who are naturally tan since birth, so I guess its not hard for them to sport such tanning look.


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