Pink Friday : Pink Onesies

Pink Friday, and I don’t want to MISS IT! Here is my share for today’s PINK FRIDAY: Pink Onesies. Maycee gave Chicay these cute little onesies. We love it and I will eventually post a picture of Chicay when she wears them. As of now, the onesies are quite bigger so maybe Chicay can wear it when she is 5 months old already.


  1. I love onesies when my kids were tiny 🙂 they are comfy to wear and you can mix it with everything and yes! those are lovely 🙂 cannot wait to see your Princess wearing them 🙂 Returning from Pink Fridays 🙂

  2. super cute pink onesies! how many months na ba imong princess? let her wear these as often as she can kay dali ra panahon. Before she reached 1 year old, gamay na dayon ang clothes to think mga cute ra ba kaau, hehe.
    Hope to see your Chicay wearing these clothes soon.

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