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Important Words You Should Learn

Are you thinking of visiting Thailand? I have been there and yes the country is beautiful and bountiful.

But before I went there, I made sure I am ready. Looking back at my diary, I have jot down different yet simple words you should memorize or at least write down in your notes, they may come handy when you are in Thailand.

These are just some of them:

  • male – krup
  • female – kaa
  • not too spicy please – kor mai phet
  • chicken – gai
  • beef – nyea
  • fish – plaa
  • pork – muu
  • water – nam
  • coffee – ga-fae
  • ice – nam khang


  • hello, good morning – sawasdee
  • how are you? – sabai dee reu?
  • thank you – kop koon
  • never mind – mai pen rai
  • I can’t speak Thai – phoot Thai mai dai
  • I don’t understand – prohd phoot cha-cha
  • May I take a photo? – tai ruup dai mai?
  • Where is the CR? – hong nam yoo te nai?
  • What is this? – nee arai?

Yes, these are the words and greetings I have jotted down in my diary. Some Thailand nationals are not good in speaking or understanding the English language, so you might have a problem when you are there.

Be Vigilant, Get an Insurance

Do you have a life insurance? How about car insurance? As for me, I have insurances for my cars, and just recently I acquired my life insurance. Some people who don’t feel good about having insurances would definitely encourage you not to buy one. But for me, having these insurances (car and life insurance) is one thing that keeps my mind at peace wherever I am. You see, we don’t know when we will die or met a car accident, and sometimes we don’t have the means or money to spend on such mishaps. It is not cheap to live a good life, and it is expensive to die too. For me, having a life insurance makes me feel assured that when I die, my family or the people I left behind will not suffer for lack of resources. I have also learned that you could insure parts of your body such as your butt, your breast, your legs or even your face, aside from that there are it consultant insurance available too. So if you are interested, check out the different rates offered by different insurance companies, and make sure to check if they are for real, because some are not that stable yet.

Happiness in a CAN

I love Coca-cola limited edition stuffs even since I was a child. So when I saw the advertisement on the television, I couldn’t help myself but check out Chowking and buy the 3 limited “Happiness in a Can” canisters.

I always visit Chowking – Valencia branch and I am a regular customer, so when I learned about this one, I immediately ordered three. Glad that I was with the bf and the my best friend.
Before you can get the limited edition canisters, you need to buy their latest food offers and then add 50php for the canister.

Gifts for Dad

Now that Father’s Day is coming, a lot of people (wives and children alike) are checking out the internet, searching for the  perfect gift for their husband or fathers this coming Father’s Day. So for me, I have listed some great gifts I am thinking of giving my Dad and my bf.

My choices are:

  • Musical Instrument – for a Dad who loves to play the guitar, a JBL speakers is a good choice. Men loves to serenade their women and showing their love for music is another way of telling us that they love us.
  • T-shirts – Yeah, they love wearing t-shirts so  might as well buy that perfect TEEs for them.
  • Shoes – My bf loves to play basketball and he needs shoes, he really do, so maybe, I’ll save for that next year.
  • Gadgets – A new phone or a new camera will be a good gift for them.

Online Shopping got me HOOKed

I have not bought anything for myself lately, yeah, I have mastered the art of not giving in to my wants. But when I saw this deal online, I just couldn’t help myself, I told the BF if he likes it, he said he like the mini HD digital camera because he doesn’t have a camera, so I immediately ordered it. Yes, I did. I bought 2 cameras because I am thinking of giving the other one to someone I love dearly.
Here’s the highlights about the camera from :

  • The digital camera from the future has arrived; the Mini Digital Camera is also an HD video recorder and webcam packed in a (super) small body that literally fits in the palm of your hands.
  • Take precise high definition snapshots in 5.0 megapixels and have them saved directly to a Micro-SD adapter which can support up to 32GB.
  • This is the real HD: record videos in crisp 1280×960 quality rendered 30 frames-per-second with audio.
  • Not in a docu mood? Hit the chat and use this mini as an HD webcam for your PC.
  • Dimensions: 2.7cm H x 4cm W x 1cm L
  • Package includes: 1 x Mini DV, 1 x Wrist Strap, 1 x Micro SD Adapter, 1 x Mini USB Cable (connecting external AA battery), 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x USB Data Transmission Cable, 1 x Battery Bottle (Battery not included, color may be different), 1 x CD, 1 x Box
  • Package also includes voucher for discounts in future purchases at