Nail Art

Nail art is the next big thing in manicures and pedicures, after cracked nails. I haven’t tried cracked nail polish because I see a lot of ladies had them in my place. But I am trying out nail art because it is different, unique plus you will not have the same design or art with other people. My best friend, Em-Em , is the one who introduced me to it. She keeps on uploading photos of her nail art in her FB account and it keeps showing on my news feed. Then when we went to Davao City for a visit, she applied nail art on my mom’s fingernails. It looked nice so I asked for her nail polished (LOL).

When we got home, I called our on-call Manicurista (the one who applies manicure and pedicure) and taught her how to do it because I don’t know how to apply nail polish.

See? Not bad for a first timer, eh?

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