Pink Fridays : Pink School Seals

Last July 1, 2012, we celebrated our 50th Araw ng Pangantucan (Charter Day) or the day our town became a municipality. And of course, the event will not be complete without the parade. The parade which consists of the town’s public officials, school bands and students from our schools.

I wanna share with you a photo that I took during the parade. I used to be a part of the school band, from grade school to high school, and I used to be the one who brings the school seal. But during my band days, I was the only one who brings the school seal, but now it is different. There are 4 girls who brings them, and they bring one letter with them. Our school’s name is Pangantucan Central Elementary School (that is why it is called PCES).

The school seal looks neat and PINK.

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