Pink Fridays: Pink Band Uniform

Fridays will not be complete without a Pink Friday Post! So I am cooking up one right now. I have posted a LOT of pink stuffs for my daughter for the past months, but for now, I would love to share the PNHS School Band uniform. It is Sexy, it is Fab, and it is PINK.

I used to be a band member when I was in grade school and high school, that is why watching the band parade makes me reminisce my colorful past.
Like them, I used to bring the school seal, parade around the town under the scorching heat of the sun, and keeping those smiles in my face.

5 Responses to Pink Fridays: Pink Band Uniform

  1. what a pretty girls with the band 🙂 miss watching the parade Momi 🙂 Dropping by from Pink Fridays 🙂

  2. I like watching bands mommy as in so alive and so joyful!

    Visiting for Pink Friday- hope you can stop by..

  3. Reminds me of the pink band uniform my cousin used to wear in high school. She is a batons majorette… I use to envy her coz I cant wear it. 😀 In my school I belong to the science class, so we cant join majorettes since it eats a lot of time practice which means will miss a lot of academic classes.

  4. Nice uniform.. I was in a band before too.. enjoy kaayo.. pero perteng inita!

  5. Same here, reminiscing the past. At least, I get to experienced to be in the band twirling those batons. 🙂 Even if we are under the heat of the sun, it is still more fun! 😀

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