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All Pink

My all-time favorite color is PINK. That is why, I have been dreaming and wishing to have a baby girl, a daughter, because if I do, I could buy all the PINK things in the world for her. It would be absurd if I buy pink shoes, pink tutu’s, pink t-shirts, pink bags for my son JB, isn’t it?

Now that God has finally answered my prayers, now that God gave me a daughter, I can finally indulge myself into buying PINK stuffs. From socks to hats, from swim suits to baby gowns.

This is our bed, and look at it:
My baby Chicay’s bedsheet, pillows, and all other stuff are in the shade of PINK. I hope she wont hate that color when she grows up:D

Trendiness and Elegance Associated with Louis Vuitton

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Even though, possessing the great collection of these stylish, designer and branded bags and other accessories is simply out of the question as purchasing even one designer branded handbag may be very much pricey for the middle class and common man. It is true that not everyone or not every fashion follower has the ability to afford this trendy luxury. So, at the right time, needs of common man were identified and soon Louis Vuitton replica were invented, which however proved to be the blessing for the common and ordinary people who cannot afford to buy the authentic Louis Vuitton handbags.

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Anicycles in Kampo Juan

Have you noticed my title post? Anicycles? Yes, anicycles in Kampo Juan. When I visited Kampo Juan before its grand opening there was only one Anicycle in the place but now they already have two.

So you and your better half could or your BFF could try this adventure together and conquer your fears together.

I don’t know if other places have this Anicycles in their adventure list but if you are interested to try it out, you can visit Kampo Juan in Dicklum, Manolo Fortich.

I Prefer to Shop Online

I love shopping online, it saves time, especially for me since I am taking care of my children, running a household, and managing my business. Plus, shopping malls here are a few hour-drive away from home, imagine the amount that I spend when it comes to filling up my gas tank. I could have used it for shopping instead.

But I can’t help it, I just love buying fashionable clothes and shoes, and pair it off with gorgeous accessories. I’m just glad that my friend told me about spendsmart mastercard, it really is a big help when it comes to online shopping. And sooner or later, I would prefer for my children to use it too when they’re responsible enough to shop online.

Pink Fridays: Pink Dress

Pink Fridays again, and here is my share:

My daughter is growing up so fast and she is so big right now. She can wear the beautiful dresses my cousins gave her and she is so pretty in it.