Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pink Fridays: Pink Band Uniform

Fridays will not be complete without a Pink Friday Post! So I am cooking up one right now. I have posted a LOT of pink stuffs for my daughter for the past months, but for now, I would love to share the PNHS School Band uniform. It is Sexy, it is Fab, and it is PINK.

I used to be a band member when I was in grade school and high school, that is why watching the band parade makes me reminisce my colorful past.
Like them, I used to bring the school seal, parade around the town under the scorching heat of the sun, and keeping those smiles in my face.

The only Sunglasses For ME

I have been longing to have that perfect sunglasses which celebrities kept on wearing. And thanks to Firmoo they are the answer to my prayers. They gave me a chance to choose from their Wrap-Around Sunglasses and shipped it here in the Philippines for FREE.

Wearing sunglasses will protect my eyes from the sun’s rays. Aside from the protection that I get, wearing sunglasses makes me look fashionable and trendy.
It is not easy to find that perfect sunglasses for you, that is why, Firmoo has so many sunglasses to choose from. So check out their online store now, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that sunglasses which fits your needs and wants perfectly.

All Pink

My all-time favorite color is PINK. That is why, I have been dreaming and wishing to have a baby girl, a daughter, because if I do, I could buy all the PINK things in the world for her. It would be absurd if I buy pink shoes, pink tutu’s, pink t-shirts, pink bags for my son JB, isn’t it?

Now that God has finally answered my prayers, now that God gave me a daughter, I can finally indulge myself into buying PINK stuffs. From socks to hats, from swim suits to baby gowns.

This is our bed, and look at it:
My baby Chicay’s bedsheet, pillows, and all other stuff are in the shade of PINK. I hope she wont hate that color when she grows up:D