Pink Fridays : Mommy’s Lil Princess

Remember when I posted an entry for Pink Fridays about Pink Onesies? Well, my baby Chicay is 5 months old today and yes she is big enough that she can wear the pre-loved onesies given by Tita Maycee.

I love this onesie because of the print, it says “Mommy’s Little Princess”. Indeed, she is my little princess.

7 Responses to Pink Fridays : Mommy’s Lil Princess

  1. awww! she is gotten so big and getting so pretty Momi Joan 🙂 I love her shirt, perfect says it all for that cute Princess of yours 🙂 Returning from PF 🙂

  2. She is growing so fast! I envied that cute print on her shirt… I also want that! ^_^ But surely I still need to get a husband.. errrrr.. boyfriend pa pala. 😀 #PF

  3. very cute baby! pretty in pink

    from PF!

  4. I bet she’s Daddy’s lil princess, too!

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  5. your little princess looks really cute in pink onesie, visiting from PF, mine is up at

    see you around…

  6. She’s already 5 months old now? Time really flies! Chicay looks good on pink, makes her skin glow. ^_^

    Visiting from PF 🙂

  7. Napaka uber cute naman ng princess na ito!!! 🙂

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