Travel Luggage

One important thing that you should have if you love to travel is to invest in a durable travel luggage.Whenever I visited the mall, I always check on the luggage store, they sell branded bags and luggage and sometimes I ask myself if it is really worth it. The prices ranges from 4000php to 15000php and it is really worth it.

You need to invest in a travel bag or travel luggage that is durable, has a size that could fit all your travel needs, and light weight. Though the travel bag that you have chosen is quite expensive, it’s worth it because you can benefit from it. Its usage will last longer than a travel bag that is just a copy (we all have fake travel bags sold anywhere thinking that its okay to buy cheap ones), and you can rely on its durability. I can still remember when one of my colleagues travel luggage was broken during our travel to Malaysia, and all her things flew all over the airport’s baggage counter.

If you always travel on planes, you need a travel bag that has wheels, its easier to bring around into different places when you travel local or international. If you always travel on land and foot, try to have a back pack ready to use always.


  1. Yeah durable and quality travel bag is a good find, especially when they are on sale. You are right though that they could be more expensive but wait when it is on sale, I am sure you will get a good deal on that.

  2. I usually bring my long luggage with me when I travel. It has more space and easy to carry. Thanks to the wheels 🙂 My first time to carry four luggage with me during our recent travel. I ended up leaving the two small luggage for my Mom. She needs it more than me 🙂

  3. When we had our 2010 Philippine vacation i got 3 sets of rolling luggage and it was very convenient for us specially with kids and it is a color code so easy to identify at the baggage claim 🙂

  4. i bought a cheap luggage when i was in taiwan, it didnt even make it back to Phil in one piece! lol. i have a luggage that my dad bought in Davao, it was only 900+ and im still using it up to now. its very durable, but a bit heavy, but it was okay coz it got wheels

  5. Traveling is fun specially your luggage is safe. We have an experience about our luggage and its sad. I can buy a cheap luggage but needs the quality to be reliable and solid…

  6. I really believe good quality also means quality price. But surely it’s a wise investment. I still don’t have the luggage that I need for my trip to Vietnam next month, so I am off to shopping one of these days.

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