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London is one of the places that I would love to visit before I die. London is one of the most talked about places not only because the Queen and the gorgeous Princes are there but also because of its rich history and glorious tourist spots. My cousin used to work in London and now that she’s back, she told me a lot of her experiences when she was there and just by listening to her stories, I kind of fell in love with the country she just left. She told me about St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Thames River Cruise, the Kensington Palace, the Trafalgar Square, and the Tower of London. These were just some of the great tourist spots she has visited and got herself photographed at, and I was so envious to see her on different places that can only be found in London.

One way of visiting these different locations in London is through London Bus Tours. Yes, there are so many ways to visit the different tourist spots in London but it would be easier for first timers like me if I will ride a London Bus who specializes in touring people from all around the Globe. And I know that even people who have been to London will still prefer London Bus Tours because they know that this touring bus can take them to places that they wanted to see.

A London Bus Tour is paired with a professional local tourist guide and is air-conditioned. There is also another Bus Tour which is called “Hop On Hop Off” and is equipped with an audio guide to assist the London Tourists or Guests with their London Tour.

Before you arrive in London, you should check first if you have all you need for your London Trip. Moreover you also need to visit different online sites about London for a better understanding on what to do and what not to do when you are already there.


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