Graphic Tees and Expression Tees

Expression T-shirts and Graphic T-shirts are making its wave to young women these days. Whenever I go to the malls, blogger events and even street parties, I see a lot of people wearing T-shirts that has prints on them. I wonder if they have bought that particular T-shirt to express themselves or they have worn it just to be in style. Most of the people I mingle with wear music inspired T-shirts so I tried to search them online, I found this amazing website that sell music graphic tees for women and they are even on sale. I love Bob Marley so I checked out their T-shirts that have Bob Marley on it, and these are my top two choices:

I love that girl-next-door inspired look, so I’d go for t-shirts and jeans for my everyday work. I also like that Tube Top with Bob Marley on it; I’d still wear it for a walk in the beach or walk in the park. It’s getting HOT nowadays so Tube Tops are so great to wear for any day this in this hot month.

By the way, if you don’t like to wear such, your friends might want to wear these trendy Tees. These are perfect gifts and gags for your best friend, friends or cousins. They will forever be thankful for you that you have been so thoughtful for giving them such fashionable finds for this generation.


16 Responses to Graphic Tees and Expression Tees

  1. i like these tees, so comfy and colorful.

    btw, it has been a while since i was here and i realized that i did this header! LOL it has been a long time!

  2. I choose the second photo! Sexy! LOL! T-shirts with such kind of graphics are best seller nowadays.

  3. I love wearing t-shirt and jeans as well. Classic style. πŸ™‚ Lately I have been into wearing white shirts or anything white tops. πŸ™‚

  4. These graphic and expression t shirts are quite lovely especially the tube top although it requires a suitable body size to carry it

  5. i love graphic tees. I also lookout for people who wear unique graphic tees

  6. I love Statement shirts and such! that bob marley print is cute and cool too!

  7. that is cool and an ideal for customized gift.

  8. i’m not really a bob marley fan but looks cool design for a tee though.

  9. Nice design! My hubby is a Bob Marley fanatic πŸ™‚

  10. My daughter is very fond of music. In fact she is good with musical instruments,. She’d love to have one of these shorts for sure.

  11. i love expressive t shirts too but it is sometimes depend on what expressions were being written/printed on. but mostly i prefer no design at all or just graphics.

  12. cool tees co u can customie it!

  13. Cool design interesting and I like it when it is customization…

  14. I’ve seen more and more stores or businesses that have these expression t-shirts. It is now become popular. This is among the cool ways of sharing your ideals and thoughts to the public. If I wear a shirt that has graphic and expression written on it, it should be something that I can stand for and believe in πŸ™‚

  15. ooh, looks really nice. i love statements tee too especially those who help our environment.

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