Monthly Archives: August 2012

Travel Luggage

One important thing that you should have if you love to travel is to invest in a durable travel luggage.Whenever I visited the mall, I always check on the luggage store, they sell branded bags and luggage and sometimes I ask myself if it is really worth it. The prices ranges from 4000php to 15000php and it is really worth it.

You need to invest in a travel bag or travel luggage that is durable, has a size that could fit all your travel needs, and light weight. Though the travel bag that you have chosen is quite expensive, it’s worth it because you can benefit from it. Its usage will last longer than a travel bag that is just a copy (we all have fake travel bags sold anywhere thinking that its okay to buy cheap ones), and you can rely on its durability. I can still remember when one of my colleagues travel luggage was broken during our travel to Malaysia, and all her things flew all over the airport’s baggage counter.

If you always travel on planes, you need a travel bag that has wheels, its easier to bring around into different places when you travel local or international. If you always travel on land and foot, try to have a back pack ready to use always.

Pink Fridays : Mommy’s Lil Princess

Remember when I posted an entry for Pink Fridays about Pink Onesies? Well, my baby Chicay is 5 months old today and yes she is big enough that she can wear the pre-loved onesies given by Tita Maycee.

I love this onesie because of the print, it says “Mommy’s Little Princess”. Indeed, she is my little princess.


No, not Justin Bieber, it is Viber. Do you own an android phone or an iPhone? If you do, you really need to download this application. Why? Well, you can text and call your loved ones anywhere in the world as long as they also had this application in their phones.

Imagine how much money you can save by not spending it on cellphone loads. A 1 minute call abroad costs you around 60php to 80php depends on the place you are calling, and a text messages abroad costs you 20php per text. But having Viber application in your phone lets you call and text anywhere in the world for free.

Oh, but before I forgot, you need to have an internet connection to be able to make a call or text, so you need to be in a place where the WIFI is free or maybe your plan is on unlimited data browsing just like mine.

If you are traveling abroad (outside of your country of origin), having the Viber application in your phone could also save you a lot of money. You just need to be in a place where there are free WIFI to contact your loved ones who are left at home, the good thing is, most hotels and restaurant already offers FREE WIFI to their client.

Personal Care Products

Companies who sell personal care products are sprouting everywhere like mushrooms. So, as consumers, we need to be vigilant and scrutinized the product that we are about to buy and use. Especially that personal care products are applied to different parts of our body such as soaps, colognes and even make ups.

One company that has established its name for so long already is Caswell Massey. We are not scared of buying and using their products because we know its quality already and that we are not afraid that something bad might happen to our skin or body. But then again, it really depends on our skin because sometimes it will react indifferently towards certain products when applied to it.


Pink Ballerina

Pink Friday is all about Pink stuffs. So my share for this week is my baby ballerina. Chicay looks so cute wearing this little ballerina costume with a pink headband too. But would you believe if I say that all the things she wore in this photo are all pre-loved and given by 2 different persons.

Chicay’s pink headband and pink onesie was given by Maycee, while the pink tutu was given by Maelany. I just mix and match her pre-loved clothes to come up with something this beautiful.