A guide to the Norwegian Epic

The Norwegian Epic is appropriately named, it is the largest of the vessels that make up the Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet and it is enormous at nearly 156,000 tonnes of quality cruise ship. With room for a potential 4,000 people or so, the idea is that there should be plenty for anyone of any age or inclination to experience and enjoy during their stay on-board. An award-winner and a hugely popular ship among anyone lucky enough to have taken a trip on-board, she is the pride of the Norwegian Cruise Line and with good reason.

The array of activities you can choose from on-board the Epic is on a spectacular scale, with live performances from world-renowned artists and a water park sitting on deck that promises hours of fun for children and for the more energetic adults on-board. There are plenty of areas designed to give families the chance to enjoy their holiday time together but there’s every opportunity for adults to go away and indulge themselves in some serious relaxation safe in the knowledge that their little ones are being expertly looked after and a quite probably having the time of their lives as well.

Accommodation options are top-notch on the Epic, with views out to sea and some of the latest TV sets installed for when you have a quiet moment. Comfort comes as standard and so does choice in a variety of ways with Norwegian cruises defined in many ways by the array of different culinary options they offer. On the Epic for example, you can pick from as many as 20 different places to dine and cuisines to try. So surely there will be something to pique your interest throughout the length of your stay on-board. There are some bargains to be found on trips aboard the Epic throughout this year and next she will be setting sail for various first-class hotspots around the Caribbean and Europe.

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