Violet Colored Nail Polish

I don’t apply make up on my face. I don’t even know how to apply a simple blush on without looking like I was beaten by someone. But if I needed to have that make-up on for an event I never hesitate to ask my cousin who is good at it.

If there is one thing I am vain about, it is my nails. I want my nails to look perfect. I don’t know how to clean my nails with the help of a nail file, and I don’t know how to apply nail polish on them but I have a nail polish artist. She is just one text away and she comes whenever I need her.

For this week, the color of my nails are VIOLET. My mom bought this nail polish and she asked our nail polish artist to apply it on my nails.


  1. Hah! We’re the exact opposite, I love make up but don’t do my nails very often! I just simply do my regular nail clipping LOL! I don’t even use nail polish 🙂

  2. oh my that is so good choice of nail polish colour. It’s a trend today. As to applying make-up, I’m no good at it too, so your not alone in that. Well, we start learning from watching tutorials I supposed.

  3. Nice choice of color, huh! It’s pretty cool in your nails too. Oh by the way about make up thing, you can try out searching for tutorials online. you can try it out in youtube just in case you want to give it a try. 🙂

  4. I love violet nail polish on my toe nails. I haven’t tried it on my fingernails though. I used to be addicted in manicure and pedicure but since I became a stay-at-home mom, I seldom do my nails. 🙁

  5. Violet nail polish looks good on you, Sis! Me, on the other hand, loves putting on make up but my nails are always bare. I am not used to polishing them. My daughter loves polishing her nails, though… and I kinda get nervous when she does. LOL.

  6. I saw my manicure and pedicure set earlier while cleaning up and thought I’ll coat my nails…I forgot, now I see your fab nails and I really should do mine tomorrow…

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