My Father’s Habit

My father has started smoking when he was still in high school, he told me that. So it would be hard for him to just immediately stop. He is now 52 years old and I guess he is smoking for more than 35 years already. He tried to quit too many times already, especially after our visit to his doctor but after two or three weeks he went back to his old ways, I guess habits couldn’t be stopped by just one snap of our fingers.

Some men smoke cigars and I don’t know what is the difference in smoking cigarettes and smoking cigars aside from its size. I guess I have to visit the famous cigar shop and ask around to know what is. Anyhow, I know my father doesn’t smoke cigar but I know he will appreciate if I give him one just for a souvenir, so maybe I’ll check out some stores later to buy a cigar for him.


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