Pink Button for Pink Fridays

I don’t wanna miss Pink Friday! Mommy Ruby is not fine up until yesterday, I haven’t check on her today though if she is alright already. So I believe there is no PF entry posted in her Pink Thought site just yet but I would love to share my PF entry for this week.

Me and my daughter wore shorts and I want to share this photo of us:
Chicay’s shorts has a pink button while I have white buttons on my shorts. I haven’t noticed it until I took a photo of us together. Both of our shorts were given, mine came from Ditsi B-eng and Chicay’s shorts was from Sati.

Have you joined Pink Fridays?

3 Responses to Pink Button for Pink Fridays

  1. halu te joanne! murag dli naman siguro Friday karon? hehe. yep! i joined the Pink Fridays.. please read my first PF post! 🙂 pag Friday pa gyud ko mistart ug join te. hehe

  2. Cute pink button that is unique. I also didn’t noticed the pink button until I read your post.

  3. oh lookie, mum + baby are wearing matching shorts! really cute + the pink button made the little one’s more fab! 😉

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