Daily Archives: September 30, 2012

RCBC Bankard Credit Card

I got this from my mail box:

RCBC sent me a Credit Card and I don’t know if I really need a second one. I seldom use my BDO Credit Card because I am afraid I can’t pay for my purchases. But I am aware that there are pros and cons in having and using Credit Cards.

Here are some tips I could give you if you have a Credit Card:

  • Do not use your Credit Card just because you want to go on a shopping spree. Remember that you have to pay for what you have swiped and if you will not pay on time or on the due date, the interest is so big.
  • Use your Credit Card for paying your bills only. As for me, I use my Credit Card to pay for my phone bills only.
  • If you have the tendency to just swipe your Credit Card every time you visit the Mall, then leave it at home.
  • Be aware of your cut-off date and due date. The day after your cut-off date is a good day to use your Credit Card to pay for your bills because you have a longer period of time to save money to pay for the amount you just have swiped.
  • Always pay-off the outstanding balance in your Credit Card bill, do not let the interest earn interest.
  • If you can’t control yourself, do not get a Credit Card at all.