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Pink Button for Pink Fridays

I don’t wanna miss Pink Friday! Mommy Ruby is not fine up until yesterday, I haven’t check on her today though if she is alright already. So I believe there is no PF entry posted in her Pink Thought site just yet but I would love to share my PF entry for this week.

Me and my daughter wore shorts and I want to share this photo of us:
Chicay’s shorts has a pink button while I have white buttons on my shorts. I haven’t noticed it until I took a photo of us together. Both of our shorts were given, mine came from Ditsi B-eng and Chicay’s shorts was from Sati.

Have you joined Pink Fridays?

Shopping for Fire Extinguishers

Every January, business owners in here and I guess in most places in the Philippines will be very busy renewing their business permits. One of the requirements is the signature of the Municipal Fire Marshall.

Of course the Fire Marshall will not just sign your papers, they will check your building and all the necessary requirements including the right pieces of fire extinguishers and fire exits that are needed. Some big building are required to put a fire hose. And because I own a little business, I needed to have fire extinguishers and I have been shopping in some stores in the city. It is quite hard to compare prices because we only have one store in the City. My uncle is looking for fire hoses for his 5 story building and I told him that he can check out that fire hose from RawhideFirehose.comĀ  before buying from other stores.

Moreover, if you have Fire Extinguishers, you need to shake it once in awhile because if you will not shake it there is a tendency that the chemical inside it will not be as effective as it is when it was bought.

Oakley Shades never goes out of Style

If there is one sunglasses that my Father trusts, it is Oakley. The first time he bought his Oakley Shades was when I was still in grade school. It was the first and last time because he didn’t buy again for the reason that we needed to go to school and he need to pay for our tuition fees rather than buying expensive shades. We were on a tight budget back then. I remember how he took good care of his sunglasses and yes it lasted for years.

My father celebrated his 52nd birthday last August 28 and my brother gave him this Oakley Shades as a gift:

I am glad that my brother remembered to buy a gift for our dear father because I forgot to buy one. I helped in preparing for my father’s birthday party with only close friends and family invited.