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Oakley Shades never goes out of Style

If there is one sunglasses that my Father trusts, it is Oakley. The first time he bought his Oakley Shades was when I was still in grade school. It was the first and last time because he didn’t buy again for the reason that we needed to go to school and he need to pay for our tuition fees rather than buying expensive shades. We were on a tight budget back then. I remember how he took good care of his sunglasses and yes it lasted for years.

My father celebrated his 52nd birthday last August 28 and my brother gave him this Oakley Shades as a gift:

I am glad that my brother remembered to buy a gift for our dear father because I forgot to buy one. I helped in preparing for my father’s birthday party with only close friends and family invited.

Cetaphil for My Baby’s Skin and Mine

After receiving a box of Cetaphil Products I have decided to use it not only for my baby but for my skin too. I am not using any lotions, or moisturizers in my skin because I have a very delicate skin and I scared that I might be allergic to it. The last time I tried to use facial wash and facial moisturizers was when I was in College and the next day, so many pimples sprouted on my forehead.

Today I decided to use only Cetaphil products on my skin and on my baby’s skin. It is so gentle and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
Cetaphil products are clinically-tested and it is the most prescribed brand of cleansers and moisturizers by Dermatologists and Pediatricians in the Philippines!!!

Check out their Facebook Fan Page and their Twitter Account for more info!

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Violet Colored Nail Polish

I don’t apply make up on my face. I don’t even know how to apply a simple blush on without looking like I was beaten by someone. But if I needed to have that make-up on for an event I never hesitate to ask my cousin who is good at it.

If there is one thing I am vain about, it is my nails. I want my nails to look perfect. I don’t know how to clean my nails with the help of a nail file, and I don’t know how to apply nail polish on them but I have a nail polish artist. She is just one text away and she comes whenever I need her.

For this week, the color of my nails are VIOLET. My mom bought this nail polish and she asked our nail polish artist to apply it on my nails.

Jamming with Bands

I love going to live band show. It is my way to relax and de-stress. It was such an amazing experience when you’re at the scene. The upbeat songs that are playing, the energy of the people jamming on the music, and the great sound of instruments; I always have a great night!

I even got to know some of the bands and became friends with them. I just wonder where they got the ns7 musicians friend that these guys are using. Because I would definitely have this on my wish list if I were also on band.

Pink Fridays : Pink Wall

Here is a photo I want to share. My daughter is 5 months old already oh, how time flies so fast and she can now stand on her own. Not walk, just stand, while grabbing and holding on to something.

I want to share this VERY PINK photo of her. She’s wearing a pink onesie and she was holding on to my pink bedding, while on the background is our Pink Room Wall.
Yeah, I don’t get tired of seeing PINK in my room. And if ever given the chance, I would still paint my room PINK.