Tips in Caring for your clothes

We love shopping for gorgeous clothes and perhaps we should know how to take care of them in order for them to stay that way.

The Number One TIP on how to take care of your clothes is : TO CHECK THE LABELS on your clothes before you wash them. But most manufacturers state “dry clean only” on their clothing label in order to free them from any liability if the clothes get damaged after washing.

Most of your clothes are made of cotton because it is the most common natural clothing fiber but if you wash it in high temperature it will shrink so better wash it in cool water.

If you own silk clothes you should know how to take care of them. Some silks must be dry-cleaned and some can be hand-washed in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent.

You could also add fabric conditioner in your wash to make clothes easier to iron.

And speaking of fabric conditioner and laundry detergent, you should try Smart Steps for your baby clothes because they are hypoallergenic, Pedia-recommended and they are great for sensitive skin. Smart Steps has no dyes, no optical brighteners, no enzyme, no artificial colorant, and no bleach so you don’t have to worry about anything.

16 Responses to Tips in Caring for your clothes

  1. These are useful tips on proper laundry care. Thanks for sharing.

  2. When you have kids, you really have to be mindful on how to properly care for their clothes as babies/kids has sensitive skins.

  3. I like the hypoallergenic thing ,my kids and i are sensitive to fabric softener so I don’t use it. Better try the Smart Steps

  4. great tips indeed. But sometimes when were too busy to check the labels. Like me for instance, the suits they are for dry clean only but when i don’t have enough budget for that, i’ll just toss them into the washing machine. dry clean can be expensive

  5. really awesome tips here sis…:) I use fabric softener all the time.

  6. What helpful tips you have here Momi Joanne 🙂 I also use hypo allergenic laundry soap for my kids clothes. I wash their clothes separately 🙂

  7. so true, checking the back label can save you a lot of work especially when it comes to your child’s clothes.

  8. It’s been only lately that I start to check on the washing instructions of the clothes we buy. I find clothes here expensive and for sure I don’t want to damage them.

  9. I tend to buy clothes made with natural fabrics like cotton. they’re easier to wash and dry.

  10. I knew it! The warm water was making my clothes shrink, I’m not getting fat at all.. LOL 😀 Our scale must be broken too. 😛 LOL 😀

    I love Smart Steps, it makes Lucas’ clothes smell so clean and it smells so good, not super powerful and perfumy, just right. 🙂 I love it so much, I use it on all our clothes. 😛 hehe It works great and cleans the clothes well. 😛

  11. These are great tips, Zoan!

  12. Great tips girl! I am also picky when washing clothes i always read the labels on what is what especially the sensitive fabrics/material but i don’t really care on cottons though i just toast them in the washer!

  13. Yes, you are right, checking on the label is the most important.

  14. Thanks for sharing these tips! My concern when washing clothes here, is that it easily fades as it is always subjected to the heat of the dryer. I always reverse all clothing and segregate the colored ones from whites.

  15. great tips here, thanks for sharing

  16. Agree with checking the labels. I legit check on it before actually buying a garment just so I know I won’t have to handwash it hahaha!

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