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Ayia Napa 2013: Daytime Shenanigans

How to spend your evening on an Ayia Napa clubbing holiday is a bit of a given really. Even the slowest of the human species know that Ayia Napa is all about party rocking from dusk ‘til dawn, attending immense events and partaking in a week of full on clubbing carnage.

But what to do in the day? What a ponder! It would definitely be a waste to spend your daytimes locked up in your hotel room or apartment, dosing yourself with painkillers and vowing never to touch anything but shandy for the rest of your life.

And, as an aside, if you’re doing Ayia Napa 2013 properly, it will be false hope, because you’ll be back out again with your yard of ale in under eight hours.

So what do you do in the daytime?

It’s not a massive mystery. No need to call Fred and Velma, we’re on it. Ayia Napa is known for its beaches, so if you’re looking to lounge around, catch some rays (safely, mum) and chill out, you’re definitely in the right place.

Although, could you be tempted over to the wild side? Party hours aren’t evening exclusive in Ayia Napa. Who said they had to be? As well as visiting the fabulous waterpark, WaterWorld, not far from the main hotel zone, be sure to get yourself down to the Blue Inc. pool party and get some tickets for the totes amazeballs (yeah, we did) The Linekers Boat Party.

Well isn’t that intriguing! Fun in the sun, and in the night. Who’d have thunk it? Totally glad that’s cleared up.

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Shorts plus Loose Shirt equals Sexy

I cannot remember the time I have worn this pink shorts but when I saw it in my cabinet I suddenly felt the urge to wear it and match it with the loose shirt that I got from my friend Eun Young eons of years ago.

Shorts plus loose shirt equals sexy indeed.
I am most comfortable wearing my flats/slippers compare to wearing high heeled shoes though I have seen a lot of ladies wearing their sexy shorts with a pair of sexy high heels.