Monthly Archives: November 2012

Music Software

If you’re looking for software that you can use in creating music, there’s this all-in-one application that will help artists to bring to life all their musical ideas. Ableton live suite from guitar center is a wonderful tool for songwriting because it is easy to use. You can record, mix, arrange track, and whatever you want to do. This will definitely be a great idea as a Christmas gift for your friends and loved ones who just loves music. You might never know, you will be a big part of their future music career.

Nail Art for your Kids? Why Not!

I have seen this cool online shop that sells water-based nail polish which is a great product because kids these days are so into nail art!

This is my niece’s toe nails:

Yeah, they look great, she insisted on having a nail polish and that it should have a flower drawing on it. Kids copy what adults do these days that is why we need to be very vigilant with the things we do.

Crowd Problem? All you need is a Stanchion

Ever been to a concert or a prestigious event? I’m sure you’ve also experienced being in a long line while waiting for your turn to be served in a counter? True enough, you have already noticed these long belts that serve as a barrier to keep the line in order or to keep the crowd in place.

This year, our town just had a concert and there were a lot of people who watched. I’ve been thinking our town must need these barriers just to make everything organized. I already made suggestions for them to visit for crowd control stanchions. It would definitely a good investment for our town, since our municipality is planning a lot of events in which these stanchions could be a good use of.