Monthly Archives: November 2012

Crowd Problem? All you need is a Stanchion

Ever been to a concert or a prestigious event? I’m sure you’ve also experienced being in a long line while waiting for your turn to be served in a counter? True enough, you have already noticed these long belts that serve as a barrier to keep the line in order or to keep the crowd in place.

This year, our town just had a concert and there were a lot of people who watched. I’ve been thinking our town must need these barriers just to make everything organized. I already made suggestions for them to visit for crowd control stanchions. It would definitely a good investment for our town, since our municipality is planning a lot of events in which these stanchions could be a good use of.

Pink Friday: Pink iPhone Case

I love PINK things and I just cannot take off my eyes from this iPhone 4S case when I saw it in a store in the City. This is a MELT case and I don’t know if it is the original one, I paid 450php for it.
I am currently using this as my case, I have like 5 PINK iPhone 4S cases and I know I will still buy when I see another one.

Audio Books for a Change

Most of you knew that I love reading books. I even posted a picture of my growing pile of books which badly needed a book shelf since they’re eating up a lot of space on my working area. And I still have a lot of books that I wanted to buy for additional collection. But then, a friend of mine who is also a bookworm oriented me with e-books and audio books. Which I think is really good; I can save up space and time. I don’t need to drive to a bookstore to get one; I’ll just purchase it online. She even recommended me The Great Gatsby mp3 audio book for my first download. I’m going to enjoy it for sure!

Little Mermaid outfit

I saw this cute little mermaid outfit in Facebook and I just can’t help myself from not taking a photo of it. The baby looks so cute wearing a crocheted mermaid outfit, don’t you think?
And I am thinking of buying one for my baby daughter, I know I sound ridiculous but I will not let her wear it for more than 30 minutes, I just want her to pose for me, took a photo then let her out of that costume.

I am a “Little Mermaid” fan, Ariel is one of my fave Disney Princesses and I just wish that somehow my daughter can experience wearing costumes and outfits which I have not experienced when I was younger.

Fairy Costume for Halloween

We do not celebrate Halloween here in my town, kids don’t visit the neighbor and asks for candies and chocolates instead we visit our departed loved-ones in the cemetery. Some of my relatives even sleep in the cemetery on the eve of All Soul’s Day.

Every November 2, we celebrate a Mass in the cemetery and light candles in our loved-ones grave. But in the other part of the world, kids are enjoying their “Trick or Treating” in the  neighborhood while the teenagers attends Halloween parties wearing their favorite costumes.

My niece went to our cemetery wearing a fairy costume and every kid in the cemetery was envious of her.
I am thinking of organizing a Kiddie Halloween party next year so that my kids could enjoy it too.