Monthly Archives: December 2012

Eye Glasses for you

Have you ever been in front of a computer long enough that your eyes are hurting already? Or have you been watching TV so near that you could almost kiss the screen? If yes, you could be one of the person who’s already wearing glasses or about to wear one.

If you don’t want to wear prescription bifocal safety glasses in your early years, then as much as possible be disciplined enough in taking care of your eyes. Don’t read without proper lighting, don’t watch TV too close, and don’t use other person’s prescription glasses. These are just some of the ways to take care of your eye sight, because it is not easy wearing a glasses and have poor eye sight.

Reasons for Overspending

Where did your money go? Do you think you have over-spent every time the Holiday Season comes?
You should check this out if you think you did.

Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic



Pink Fridays , Missing it!

I have missed a lot of Pink Fridays already and I have missed writing in this blog and in my other blog site. I am just caught up in a situation right now and I am not myself for so long. But don’t worry my dear readers, I am fine, and I will be okay in time.

I hope I can travel to clear my mind, it is a very expensive way of de-stressing.