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Love Your Craft

Every man has his own talent; dancing, singing, painting. With every craft they got, they have their own materials. A painter needs a canvass to paint on; a dancer needs comfortable dancing shoes, and a musician needs sheet music to write their compositions. Whatever talent they got, they need those materials to practice on to excel in what they do.

However, all of these will become possible if they put their heart in it and be committed in practicing their craft. With all the hard work and perseverance, surely that person will become expert in what they do and perhaps might be recognized by the whole world for their exceptional talent.

Another Wedge



Here’s another wedge shoes for me. This time I was the one who bought this, and these are my very first from Primadonna. I got this from the original price of Php 1199  to a discounted price at Php 599. Great deal, huh?!

Got my feet happy again with this great steal from Primadonna! By the way, did I mention that I love Anne Curtis, which happens to be their endorser? Well, now you know!

Top Places for your Party Calendar

All across the globe there are some great party destinations, so if you’re planning an unforgettable get together this year, where in the world should you go? Here are some of the best locations, new and old, that would make for a memorable trip.


Many locations will claim to be the ultimate party island, but few would argue against Ibiza’s right to hold this accolade. In fact, even the Guinness Book of World Records describes it as the ‘entertainment’ island of the world. Here, world famous clubs are joined by some of the world’s greatest DJs to provide the busiest and most notorious party destination ever.


Germany’s capital has grown in popularity over the last twenty years and in 2006, it was dubbed the ‘capital of cool’ following the 2006 football World Cup. Berlin is a great location at any time of the year, but it does hold the world’s biggest street party, namely the Love Parade, in the middle of July.


One of the less familiar names on the list, Croatia’s Hvar is an up and coming destination that is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. Over time, a huge party crowd has descended here and a number of great clubs and bars have been built as a result. Overall, Hvar is considered to be the coolest place in the Adriatic and its reputation is set to grow in the coming years.


For those venturing further afield, Chicago is considered by many to be the finest party location in the whole of North America. The attractions may appeal to an older generation who love their jazz and blues, but there is something for everyone, including a number of seasonal events such as the Magnificent Mile Arts Festival, the Ravinia Festival and the Theatre on the Lake.


Canada’s Montreal would like to rival Chicago as the continent’s most happening location and there is certainly much to do here. Licensed gambling is available, so expect a wealth of casinos alongside some exclusive bars and clubs and a large party crowd of all ages descending here to join in the fun.

Black Rock Desert

Nevada’s Black Rock Desert can’t claim to be a year round party destination, but it can boast one of the biggest events in the world. The Burning Man Festival takes place every year, prior to Labor Day and the organisers encourage the visitors to ‘let go’. They do just that, so expect a wild time if you’re lucky enough to be on the scene.


On the outskirts of Europe, Iceland’s capital may not sound like the obvious destination for a party, but the residents have been living the lifestyle for years and now the word is spreading. The fun starts as the Midnight Sun kicks in and brings the long nights with it. June the 23rd, in particular, heralds a Viking inspired event complete with music, dancing and huge bonfires.


Back on familiar territory now and the Greek resort of Mykonos can challenge Ibiza as the most popular island destination in the world. Like Ibiza, it has many bustling clubs and bars, but its French-Canadian origin brings a curious mix of cultures, such as jazz and blues, to make this one of the most diverse party destinations out there.

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