Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

A Date With My Son

A few weeks ago I had a chance to have a date with my first born. It was a special day because it was just the two of us and it’s been so long since the last one we had. We went to Valencia and we ate out.

And so, this is what I wore – a yellow dress that I’ve bought for Php149 and the black cover that I got for 50% off.

I love to look presentable. I just love dressing up on special days. And I am definitely looking forward for another date with my son.

Clothes for Winter

Some parts of the world are already experiencing winter; the coldest season of the year. Even before the winter comes, I’m sure you are already preparing your houses down to your clothing; wherein thick and several layers are needed.

However, being stylish wouldn’t be stopped by this cold season. You can buy fashionable clothes suitable for winter. Mink capes, gloves and mittens, winter coat, and fox fur jacket. These are the types of winter clothing that can still make you chic. But of course, these clothes should protect you from cold, or else you wouldn’t want to enjoy winter by getting sick, right?!

Planner from Starbucks

Finally, after 4 long years, I get to own a 2013 Starbucks Planner!

You see, I live in Bukidnon and obviously there’s no Starbucks here. I only get to drink my favorite Caramel Frappuccino when I have time to visit Cagayan de Oro, which is 4-hour drive away from home. Thus, I only have a small chance of completing all the stickers needed to have a planner.

So, when a friend of mine told me that she had 6 extra stickers, I asked for a HUGE favor. I told her that I’ll treat her for the remaining 11 stickers, in exchange of a planner.

And here it is, my very much long awaited 2013 Starbucks Planner in black!


Thank you so much my dear friend for consuming all the caffeine and for making my dream come true!