Monthly Archives: January 2013

Hello Wedge!



Say hello to my wedge shoes!

I finally got one courtesy of my mom; yes, she bought me one from Rusty Lopez at Php 799! So, I better get used to wearing these shoes. And for a flip flop/flats person like me, I just hope that I can last the entire day without switching to my comfortable pair. Wish me luck!

Small Business in Mind

I love living here in Bukidnon; the fresh air, the nice scenery of the mountains, plus the clan is here too. It may be a small town; no malls or gigantic building just like in an urban area, but we can get what we need here because of the small businesses around.

We have a wet and dry market, pharmacy, a grocery store, bakeshop, and even a hardware store; where you can buy these ball joints that you will need for your project.

I’ve been also thinking of putting up my own business here. Would a spa be nice in our town? How about a pet shop? Well, whatever business it would be, I’m sure people around here will patronize it.

A Date With My Son

A few weeks ago I had a chance to have a date with my first born. It was a special day because it was just the two of us and it’s been so long since the last one we had. We went to Valencia and we ate out.

And so, this is what I wore – a yellow dress that I’ve bought for Php149 and the black cover that I got for 50% off.

I love to look presentable. I just love dressing up on special days. And I am definitely looking forward for another date with my son.