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Summer Hat


Now that summer is fast-approaching we need to be ready for the hot weather. Of course we do not want to make our skin suffer from too much exposure to the sun so we try everything to keep them from harm. One way of keeping our face exposed to the sun is by using summer hats. Summer hats or beach hats are hats which is kind of big compared to normal hats. It protects our face from being directly exposed to the sun. Aside from keeping our face from the sun’s rays we can also chose the summer hats that can be paired with our fashion sense.

Summer Bride!

Every girl has that “Perfect Wedding” thoughts in her mind and I am just one of them. When I was younger, I thought being a “June Bride” is the best that I can get and yet I realized that the month of “June” is common for weddings because a lot of women wanted to be called “June Brides” so now I am thinking of getting married on a summer month for a change.
But of course the perfect wedding will not be perfect without your wedding gown or wedding dress and there thanks Lord that there are a lot of online websites who have great ideas for wedding gowns that the bride could choose from. One of these is bridal shops in Anderson SC which answers all the needs of all bride-to-be’s! They do not only offer bridal wedding gowns but also the dresses for the bridesmaids and the bride’s mothers and all of the entourage as a whole! This is a one stop shop that every bride-to-be needs, having not to look for another store makes your wedding more stress-free and worry-free.
I am not getting married yet, because nobody proposed to me yet, but I know I will in the future so I am keeping this shop bookmarked in here!

OOTD : JB’s Graduation

Would you believe that this OOTD only costs 350php (more or less)??? I bought this leopard print tube dress at a 50% discount and that net-look overcoat at 50% discount too, last December. I love to dress up but dressing up doesn’t mean that you have to spend so much on your wardrobe. I wear anything that I feel like wearing as long as I am comfortable with it and as long as I look good in it.

Copper Bracelets for your Health

I am not a fashionable guru nor a fashion model and yes I sometimes lose my fashion sense but I know that investing or buying copper bracelets will always be the fashion accessories that will always be in style and also good for the health. There are a lot of people whom I barely know wears copper bracelets because they know that it is good for their health and there are also people I knew of that wears them for its good effect on their health. And thanks God that there are companies who offer copper magnetic bracelets that have different sizes and offer stylish designs now because 5 years ago, all copper bracelets have the same common designs and one size only which is not cool for me.
Copper bracelets are good for the health especially for those people who are suffering in arthritis and pain. If you have a relative or a love-one who is suffering from such sickness then you should try to give them these very chic and stylish remedy. They will forever be thankful to you, believe me because my aunts and uncles are wearing them every day of their lives to therapy the sickness that they are suffering.

Chowking Halo-Halo

Is it just me or the weather is getting hotter everyday? I can feel the summer heat already and I want to quench the hotness I feel! But how? I will tell you how, here is the answer to a hot weather:
IMG_5651Yes! Nothing beats Chowking Halo-Halo in making you feel cool with this kind of summer weather! Eating Chowking’s Halo-halo is one way of beating the summer heat and I know you would love to have a taste of this Halo-Halo too!