Monthly Archives: March 2013

Persian Red Nail Polish



It’s sizzling hot in the Philippines already because SUMMER is finally here but it will not stop me from sporting these “hot” Persian Red nail polish! I know that the weather is already hot and having a red colored nail polish will keep the temperature rising I believe.

Every girl wants to look beautiful everyday and of course being beautiful means we need to maintain not only our personal hygiene presentable but also by applying nail polish to our fingernails and toe nails. There are so many ways to make our nails beautiful today, there are glitters for nails and nail arts everywhere but nothing beats a beautifully curved and polished and well maintained nails.

Party Planning

Party planning is definitely no joke. Everyone thought it’s easy, but it’s not. Especially if you’re planning a big one. You have to think of a theme, plan your design, ¬†buy some decorations, decide on your souvenir, coordinate with the caterer, look for the best party host, and so on. With a long list needed, these type of huge celebrations should be planned 2-3 months ahead.

However, small parties with less than a dozen attendees doesn’t need a month long preparation. This can be done for a week or two; just choose your menu, put a little bit of decoration, and send out invites which can be printed in a local overnight printing shop, then everything is set. You just have to be creative on how you would like it to be extra special, and definitely your party will be a blast.

Summer Hat


Now that summer is fast-approaching we need to be ready for the hot weather. Of course we do not want to make our skin suffer from too much exposure to the sun so we try everything to keep them from harm. One way of keeping our face exposed to the sun is by using summer hats. Summer hats or beach hats are hats which is kind of big compared to normal hats. It protects our face from being directly exposed to the sun. Aside from keeping our face from the sun’s rays we can also chose the summer hats that can be paired with our fashion sense.