A Site to see:Jav Beach Resort & Restaurant



Its summer time of 2013 already and everybody needs a dose of the beach life. We went to Bohol for our Lola Azon’s wake and burial and because we don’t have a house to stay in, some of our relatives checks into the nearest beach resorts in Calape.


We went there for a look and of course we can’t help ourselves from not dipping into the pristine white beach infront of us.


The kids sure love the beach because we don’t have beaches in Bukidnon. They play in the sand and water and they even tried to row the boat without anybody’s help.

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  1. is JAV Diver Resort near Panglao? my husband and I are planning to go to Bohol on Sept.. and we’re looking for a place to stay

  2. This summer, the beach is our favorite hangout right? The kids are really irrissistible when it comes to sand and water, my little boy is like that also.

  3. when kids are around i don’t think NOT dipping in the water is an option!

  4. My condolences to your family. The beach looks beautiful.

  5. We went to Bohol last year, and we also enjoyed the beach. Summer time is really fun here in the Philippines!

  6. I’ll take note about Jav Beach Resort and Restaurant been searching for a place to go in Bohol besides the Chocolate Hills.

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