♥ Tinkerbell Outfit

Thank you! Thank you to the two people who exerted so much effort to make my baby girl’s 1st birthday outfit possible. My baby girl turned one last March 17 and yes, it was a very memorable day for her and for my family and friends because for the first time here we made a Tinkerbell themed birthday party possible. I have prepared for Chicay’s birthday party ahead of time because I want everything to be perfect for my little girl. And I am thankful that my friends, online and offline, helped me and made my dream possible. It was hard to look for an outfit here in our place (we live in a rural area, and people don’t sell outfits like this one) and so I asked for help. My blogging friend Pehpot of Make or Break, a doting mother to her 4 kids, made the first outfit for my baby girl. The one with the violet/purple trimmings and paired with Mommy Pehpot’s handmade hair accessory.

The second outfit, the tutu style, is made by my dear cousin Aine of Lovin’ the Prize of Life. The blouse/onesie that is paired with the tutu skirt was just a simple white onesie and Aine added embellishments on it after it was printed with Tinkerbell’s photo and a number 1 at the back.


I envy their craftsmanship and creativity and how I wish I also know or have the brains and hands to make these beautiful outfits, but still I am thankful that they were part of the success of my baby girl’s birthday party even though they are miles apart from where I live.


  1. Belated happy birthday to your little tinkerbell Zoan. She is so cute and both of her outfits look cute on her. It is so sweet and creative of them, you cousin and friend for creating the Tinkerbell outfits.

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