Style Origin at Centrio Ayala Mall, CDO!!!

I am not a Fashion Guru and never a Fashion model, but I am a Fashion enthusiast and I do love to watch people and celebrities who have the right Fashion sense. This is my first time to watch a Fashion Show and I was amazed. I was amazed because I never thought that a Fashion Show could showcase such elegance and beauty in just a matter of time.

Ms Phoemela Baranda was the host for the Style Origin (Inspiring Imagination) event at Ayala Centrio Mall last May 25, 2013. I only see her on Televisions and I was star struck by the way she handles herself and the way she hosted the show with such sophistication and how she manage to get her audience hook to the show.
These are just some of the PHOTOS that I have took during the Fashion Show, the fashion show was brought to us by Bettina, Artwork, Jockey, Parfois, Promod, Sperry top-sider, and other sponsors that I may have forgotten to mention.




Of course, the event will not be PERFECT without the beautiful Ms Julia Barretto (daughter of Marjorie Barretto (actress) and Dennis Padilla (comedian/actor). Ms Julia Barretto gracefully walk down the ramp like every ramp model can and she was so admirable in every aspect.


I am so thankful that I was invited for this event  and that I didn’t turned it down (to think that we are sitting on the first rows). Kudos to the people behind this successful event!

14 Responses to Style Origin at Centrio Ayala Mall, CDO!!!

  1. that was nice gaw! more events for you! 🙂

  2. I can appreciate the excitement you are describing in watching a live fashion show. I love watching such shows even on TV.

  3. I love the black and white dress, very stylish!

  4. I’ve never been into fashion show yet, I would love to if theres an opportunity. Is that Julia Barreto the last pic? she is so pretty!

  5. Sweet! those are pretty summer collections. I love the pink dress too.

  6. I love their wide selection of clothing, it’s very trendy and any women and men in certain ages can rock with those outfits. Thanks for sharing this event. I had fun even though I wasn’t there…:)

  7. i love the pink gown the model is wearing. it is so my style. LOL

  8. the host, she gained weight and gotten a bit older but she still look lovely. that’s a lot of people. must be very crowded. I also enjoy watching fashion shows especially if we know the models that walk in the run way.

  9. That is awesome for you to attend such event. I will be star struck too when I see celebrities that I only get to see on tv and then I will see them in person 🙂

  10. what a great event! I like that pink dress…so chic! I can’t wait to see that mall next year!

  11. Fabulous event to watch. I always here about Ayala in CDO, too bad when my daughter and I were their, the mall is still in process 🙁 I hope to see in someday.

  12. Julia is one beautiful young lady. No doubt she is beautiful. I have never been to a fashion show either and I am sure it is exciting to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a lovely event. I like Julia’s outfit. Simple, trendy, and fresh.

  14. that is really cool sis! i love all their collections that you posted here. i like what ms julia is wearing so simple yet elegant.

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