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3 Reasons to Visit Japan

I have been longing to visit Japan for a very long time already. I have 3 reasons why I want to visit the country and I know a lot of people have more than 3 reasons to visit Japan. My top 3 reasons why I would love to visit Japan are 1. Historic Landmarks – I don’t know much as what are the names of the places I should be visiting but I know that Japan was one of the old countries who have rich history and that they have these landmarks that can still be visited up to today, 2. Japanese Culture – Japan has one of the richest cultures in the world, I love watching Japanese movies because of their stories which are very unique and they have portrayed their culture in it like no other, I want to experience it first-hand and 3. Tourist Destinations Japan – there are so many tourist spots that are easily visited in Japan aside from the fact they have these Cherry blossoms everywhere which makes me want to stay below it for about an hour or two, they also have the famous Himeji Castle and the Great Buddha of Kamakura which travelers like me would love to see for my own eyes and of course I will not forget Mount Fuji, the famous symbol of Japan!

I am glad that Japan has now allowed Filipinos to apply for a multiple-entry tourist visas because it would be easier for me and my friends to visit the country with less hassle!

OOTD : Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit is love. One of the latest trend in the market today are jumpsuits. I see a lot of people wearing one and so I decided to try one out. At first I was hesitant but my friends encourages me to wear the jumpsuit during Seda’s VIP Night because I look good on it (as they say).

Here is a photo of me (in the purple jumpsuit) and my blogging friend Cookie (wearing the black jumpsuit).

We look casually chic, right? And if you ask me, I will buy a lot more jumpsuits because they are comfortable to wear and very soft in the skin. Aside from the fact that I look good on it!

Tattoos? Anyone?

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? The most important thing you can do is make a firm decision about the design you want before you head to the tattoo parlor. You can get printable tattoo designs at or simply have an artist draw up a design for you at the parlor. Realize that it’s important to have an idea of what you want, but you will need to be flexible in some aspects. For example, your artist may recommend you place the image at a different part of your body or that the image be a bit smaller than you imagined. Keep in mind that if you feel uncomfortable with the artist’s suggestions, you can always leave and find a different shop to get your tattoo in. Your tattoo is something that will be with you for the rest of your life, so you should feel comfortable with the design. Look at a variety of pictures and images online before you head to the tattoo shop. Look at what other people have gotten before you make the decision about what tattoo you want. There are tattoos in all shapes, sizes and colors. Browsing different images will help you better determine what you want to be on your own body.

LAX Drop Off and Pick Up Point

Traveling is expensive and as a traveler I find ways to help me cut my expenses and save more money that I could spend on something else and far more important than taxi fares. That is why I am glad that there are Shuttle Buses for Laguindingan Airport that caters to travelers needs for a budget-friendly amount compared to taxi fares.

The drop off and pick-up point of this Laguindingan Airport Express shuttle is located at the Corrales Entrance of Centrio Mall. Here is the schedule:

  • 4:00 am            10:30am
  • 5:00 am             11:00am
  • 8:00 am              13:00pm
  • 8:30 am              14:30pm
  • 9:30am               15:00pm

All schedules are subject to change due to aircraft delays and weather conditions. Their introductory price is 199php per person.

Taking the LAX shuttle is the best option compared to taxis who demands at least 1300php for a one way travel.

Get your Halloween Costume as early as now!

Celebrating Halloween is a tradition in a number of countries. This has become one of the most looked forward events especially for children. Aside from carved pumpkins, scary stories and being spooky, kids also enjoy trick-or-treats and dressing up with costumes and attending Halloween parties. This festive is not only for kids but for grown-ups as well. Parents would decorate their homes full of Halloween decorations to make it spookier for those who would go trick-or-treating on their homes.



Now, if you’re looking for your children’s costume or a Halloween wall décor for your home, there is a one-stop online shop where you can get top quality products and one-of-a-kind design that you need. has costumes for any occasion like Christmas, New Years, and St. Patrick’s Day. You can find adult and kid’s costumes, accessories, decorations, masks, wigs, and more. What’s good with this is they’re accepting major credit cards and you can pay through PayPal; they also ship internationally at over 220 countries.


So, as early as now, plan it out on how spooky can you get while trick-or-treating. Forget about those boring costumes on your closet, it’s time to shop for you and your kid to standout with  awesome finds from Spirit Halloween website!