Daily Archives: June 12, 2013


SMART isn’t smart after all. I saw their advertisement about their Smart Freedom Plan yesterday in Yuga’s web site and yes, I was thinking of going to Smart Store in order to buy a new iPhone 4S 64G for only 10,900php and I am glad that I didn’t.

I live in Bukidnon and I need to travel 4 to 5 hours just to be in Davao City for SMART’s Follow your Freedom campaign. I want to go to Davao City because the campaign covers Gaisano Davao. Who wouldn’t want a new iPhone 4S 64G for only 10,900php? That is simply awesome, right? But then again, I don’t live in the city where I can easily take advantage of Smart’s promos so I felt sorry for myself yesterday.

But today, I am grateful that I don’t live in a place near Smart Stores simply because I could be one of the disappointed clients/customers which have shared their stories in Yuga’s web site with regards to Smart’s Independence Day Blowout that turned sour.

Dear SMART, I wasn’t there but I know people will not just create false stories online just to share their sentiments,  but I want to tell you that the next time you make such blowouts, be sure that it is indeed a blowout. You already know that SMART PHONES are the “in” thing these days and YES people will be there to your stores to buy and get that freedom plan because it is so affordable everybody can get it. So please prepare at least 50 units each smart phone that you are selling because you didn’t say how many are just available. You said that it is only for June 12, and that is one whole day, so people will expect that there are a lot of stocks waiting for them to be bought. A lot of people have probably wasted their time today going to your stores only to realize that they have been fooled.

Today is INDEPENDENCE DAY not APRIL FOOLS DAY. Please be guided accordingly.