Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

SEDA in the CITY! A Night of Glitz and Glamour

I was invited last June 15, 2013 for Seda’s VIP Night by Miss Maria Irene Aserios and Mr. Macky Dalidig for a night of Glitz and Glamour. I seldom join events like this because I sometimes feel like I am an outcast or that I do not belong but when I knew a lot of my common friends were also given the invitation, I never hesitated anymore. This tarpaulin welcomed me when I arrived at the venue, the poolside at the 4th level of Seda Centrio Business Hotel.
And before I forgot, I want to share with you the beautiful invitation that I received and became my passes to enter the venue.
It was indeed a night of Glitz and Glamour, I have seen a lot people who were fashionable and chic with their attires for the night. I wore this purple jumpsuit that I bought from a friend’s online shop.
Of course to match the casual chic attire that I wore, my niece Maycee put on some make up and did my hair for a glamorous look!
The night will not be complete without socializing, so here is a photo of me and my co-CDO Bloggers who graced the night:
We had FUN, the food was great, the drinks were unlimited, the music made us feel good, in short, the EVENT was successful!
And I will have to make a different post for the Seda Centrio Hotel showcasing its rooms and amenities.

Drive Scrubber

Scandals? Private photos posted in the internet? Do you know why this is happening? Because most of us believe that once we delete our files in our laptops and computers, it is all gone. And we are terribly wrong. Some people can easily revive it, find it, and upload it. And sometimes it badly hurts us, yes, hurt us not only emotionally but physically, and it can affect us in so many ways than one. That is why we need wipe hard drive free to delete everything in our hard drive before selling it to someone we don’t even know.

In order for us to be safe and to have a peace of mind.

Victoria’s Secret Low Rise Cheeky Bikini

I am not typical with signature clothes and underwear. I usually buy clothes that are comfortable to wear and not because it is branded or it is expensive. But when I saw this sale on a group deals site, I never hesitated to buy and try it!
Victoria’s Secret Low Rise Cheeky Bikini is something that I would love to wear during parties underneath my gown or my dress simply because it makes me feel sexy!