Monthly Archives: July 2013

More Photoshoot Ideas

I have already shared to you a lot of my photos during the first photo shoot that I had with my friend. And we had another photo shoot a day before my birthday. Actually, we had a photographers’ event and it was FUN. We had a photo walk in the morning and a photo shoot during the afternoon. A week before the event, I kept on asking my friends and checking on the internet for more photo shoot ideas while I was checking workflow management software at And I came up with “The Hunger Games” theme. Yes, I really liked Katniss Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games that is why I chose to copy her look.

Here let me share with you some of the the result:


Model for the 3rd time

Yes, FINALLY, we got it! I mean, the background is now more presentable than before. We have finally made an effort to clean the background before taking a lot of photos of the clothes that my friend is selling online.

My friend is selling these beautiful dresses at a very low price and the good thing is you can see it worn compared to other online shops that only fits in the mannequin.



She is also selling cardigans, and you can see the designs and the fitting here:

I am glad that the outcome for the 3rd pictorial was FINE and that the background was a better area compared to the first two pictorials that we had. I think the next thing that we should prepare for the 4th one is that a GOOD LIGHT, we should have a bright light or at least we should do it during the day so that we will not rely with the phone’s flashes.

Fashionable Fragrance

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