Helping a Friend Out

It all started with a joke but when my friend uploaded my photos on her online shop, there was a positive response from her former clients/buyers and prospective buyers.

These were the photos of the first photos my friend took and yes our background is a bathroom door plus we forgot to take away the floor rug and still we are glad that the dress still looks amazing.


And these are the second set of dresses that she is selling. We took the photos at my room and again, because of time constraints we forgot that there are so many toys at the background.

Maybe we can perfect the photo-shoot for the third time so stay tuned. Oh, my friend is selling these awesomely cheap dresses online.


  1. with toys or any background, you still make a perfect model. you look like ChinChin Gutierrez as I’ve seen some of your photos. I should say your features has superficial resemblance with her.

  2. Clutter has been my problem also and I guess it comes when you’re already a mom. I sugget just get a plain drape and stick it on a wall to conceal the kalat.Hehe. pero Pak na pak parin ang photos.

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