REVIEW: KB Collagen Food Supplement and KB Whitening Body Powder

I received these products for a review and I am quite impressed with the result. Though KB Collagen has no approved therapeutic claims, it has an effect to my skin, it whiten my skin evenly and though I cannot compare it with other whitening products, simply because I have not tried any thing before KB, I can still say that it is true to what it says.


I was hesitant at first to use the KB Whitening Body Powder simply because I have to prepare it. I have to mix the powder with the liquid mixing solution that came with it but once I tried it, I simply liked the effect on my skin. I am trying so hard to lighten some of my dark areas (armpits, knees) and I was hoping that this will help. It did eventually and now, I am so happy with my new found love, the KB products.

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