Monthly Archives: July 2013

That Same Dress

I bought this red dress that my friend is selling because I look good in it. I was enjoying myself checking out and trying the different clothes she was selling and she took a lot of photos of me. So here is the photo of the red dress that I really liked:


And here is another photo of that same dress during the photo shoot that I recently had:

Home Fashion

Home designing is hard. Yeah, we really need to hire an interior designer to have that perfect look. And even though I tried so much to read home design magazines I still don’t get it on how these great interior designers mix different colored furniture together and how they miraculously understand the matching of uniquely designed fixtures. I think the only decision that I am good at is to choose hettich drawer slides among other things.

Home fashion is so different and hard unless you have that in your blood and skin.


JOIN THE STYLISTAS 2013 Model Search! Registration starts July 1, 2013 and you can get the registration forms at the Marketing Department, 2nd floor of SM City Cagayan de Oro.


Mechanics for the GO-SEE model search:

  1. Male or Female (at least 16 years old)
  2. Sport a denim inspired outfit
  3. Ladies are requested to wear flats
  4. Present 500php worth receipt from any SM tenant

Try your luck ladies and gentlemen and you might just be the next Philippine Top Model!


Helping a Friend Out

It all started with a joke but when my friend uploaded my photos on her online shop, there was a positive response from her former clients/buyers and prospective buyers.

These were the photos of the first photos my friend took and yes our background is a bathroom door plus we forgot to take away the floor rug and still we are glad that the dress still looks amazing.


And these are the second set of dresses that she is selling. We took the photos at my room and again, because of time constraints we forgot that there are so many toys at the background.

Maybe we can perfect the photo-shoot for the third time so stay tuned. Oh, my friend is selling these awesomely cheap dresses online.