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How to Travel Orlando on a Budget

Orlando is a popular stop off for cruise ships and those with plenty of money to spend. The city is filled with opportunities for you to spend your entire budget without really adding to the experience of visiting the city. What many people come to Orlando don’t know is that there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the city within a reasonable budget and here is a guide on how to do just that.

Getting To and From

Given that Orlando is such a popular tourist destination, it should be no surprise that it has three large airports. To save money on your flights to Orlando, the best thing to do is to check if there are any deals going on to the respective airports.

There is also the problem of getting around once you have arrived and generally the best way explore the city is to hire a rental car. If your budget does not allow for this, then the city’s public transport is relatively cheap and efficient, although you may have to do more walking if you choose this option.

Places to Stay

Many of the tourists that book their holidays here will also book themselves into a resort. The resorts are more convenient because they are located closer to the more popular theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios. However, if you are on a budget you should explore the options away from the theme parks.

Closer to the city centre, you will find plenty of budget options such as backpacker hostels and low cost hotels. There are also some great deals on accommodation to be found during the end of August, when prices are slashed at almost all hotels as the high season begins to drop off.


One of the biggest problems you will encounter if you are heading into the theme parks are the extremely expensive restaurants inside. The best way to avoid these prices is to eat before you enter the parks and then bring your own food in with you.

You could also just simply pack your own lunch and find a bench to sit at and eat before going back to exploring the theme parks. This is a great way to save yourself a lot of money and still enjoy your holiday.


Everyone is well aware that Orlando is the capital of the theme parks. With so many big names so close together, it has become an enormous destination for tourists. Walt Disney World is a 30 minute trip from the city centre and is the most popular of the parks. Nearby, there is also Universal Studios which can take another full day to explore.

Entrance to the parks is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, even if you use some of the deals that come on offer at different times of the year. The best thing to do is to budget the costs of the entrance tickets in advance and try to come early to the parks. This means that you can get as much done in one day while avoiding the queues, and won’t have to pay to get back in the next day if you feel like you have missed something.

Clothes that doesn’t go out of Fashion

Fads come and go, but there are some things that are always in style. A tailored suit, fine men’s and women’s evening wear, and a well-groomed appearance are just a few of those things. When you think about a classic, rugged look, military apparell comes to mind. Think back on the still photos of Hollywood stars and military heroes, past and present, with their dashing looks and bomber jackets; few things are more becoming than someone in uniform, on screen or off.

Popularized in the 1940s and continuing into the present, these jackets not only look good, they’re functional, too. They’re durable, with multiple pockets and double-stitched seams and they’re crafted from materials that are made to stand up on the road, in the air, and against all kinds of weather conditions. If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or someone else that’s practical and looks great to boot, it’s hard to go wrong with a great leather bomber or a navy flight jacket.

When you’re looking for specialty merchandise, it pays to go right to the source and look for it at shops that focus their inventory on a few, well-chosen items that are always in demand. Navy flight jackets at are just one example of high-quality outerwear that’s available from websites and clothing stores throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Pageant Dresses

Pageant dresses are a common design that many parents find for their children. Pageant dresses are characterized by having a more mature, sedate look than normal children’s dresses. They are generally fitted or tailored, and favor wide ankle-length skirts. As their name implies, they originated from various pageants around the United States. They are a unique take on formal wear for children that does not often get seen outside of the pageant circuit, but they are often winners off stage as well as on for their high-quality designs.

In recent years, pageant style dresses have been popularized by the publication of and backlash against children’s pageants. Some find pageants a great way to encourage children to develop talents and self-esteem, and others find them exploitative. No matter what view you take, however, it does keep pageants in the public eye, and that means the look associated with pageants gets better known. Pageant dresses are thus moving away from their associations with pageants and becoming a style of formal wear that parents turn to for more festive special events.

Pageant dresses can most easily be found online. You can find sugar pageant dresses at and similar retailers, and this is generally a safer bet than a department store. Pageant dresses tend to be specialized due to their relatively-unique designs, and so most general-purposes retailers do not carry them. It is easy to find them in a number of different styles online, however, so you can be sure to find something that will suit your child perfectly.

The “Model” Shoes

My cousin is a model based in Cagayan de Oro City and though I am not “one” of them, she encouraged me to buy this 5 inches high-heeled shoes:

I don’t usually wear high-heels because wearing them makes me look like a bamboo grass already. I am super thin and though I am not that tall, I look tall because of my body frame. But supermodels wore high-heels even though they stand tall. Maybe I am not just used to it but I know in time I will get used to walking tall wearing high-heeled shoes. I am used to wearing flat shoes and slippers and if you are an avid reader of this blog you probably know that I recently learned to walk using wedges and I liked it. That is why I am increasing my high-heeled shoe collections one shoe every month.

SAY Swish, Flash a Smile!!!

I run a business where in I need to talk to people “Face to Face” so I make sure that I look good and that I smell good. Aside from that, I also make sure that I don’t have bad breath because this may turn off my possible customer and new clients.

There are instances that we cannot easily brush our teeth simply because we are caught in a situation that we have just finished eating our meals and there is no place to brush our teeth. So SWISH came into the picture. Yes, you heard, I mean, you read it right, SWISH. The first time I heard about it too, I didn’t know it was a mouth wash.


I am glad that Unilab sent a sample for me to try on and yes it has a powerful effect on me. Powerful in the sense that I don’t have to worry how my mouth smells because I am confident that it smells fresh. Swish Mouthwash can be gargled twice a day for 30 seconds for a long-lasting fresh breath. Aside from the fact that it helps kill bacteria it also prevents plaque build up and tooth decay. I also like the Swish Breath Spray because I can always bring it with me wherever I go. I just have to spray 1 to 2 pumps into my mouth and it freshen my breath instantly.

What is so great about Swish is that they have 5 refreshing variants available to choose from: Gentle Mint (Icy Choco Mint), Mild Mint (Mangosteen Mint), Strong Mint (Peppermint Fresh), Super Strong Mint (Cinnamon Blast), and Intensely Strong Mint (Arctic Chill). Having too many variants gives you a lot of choices. If you like it strong then you can go try out the Cinnamon Blast or the Arctic Chill and if you like it mild you can check out Icy Choco Mint and Mangosteen Mint.