Review : Iris Lipstick

I am not a make-up maven and I can go out without anything on my face because I am not into cosmetics products. But lately I realized that I am getting a little older everyday and it seems everybody is on make-up. And because my mom doesn’t apply make-up on her face I need to watch DIY videos and read DIY notes in the internet to learn.

Aside from the fact that I don’t own any make-up kits, I am hesitant to buy cosmetics too because I am afraid I will not be able to like what I am going to buy. I am thankful that there are online contests and giveaways which they have cosmetics, make-up kits and lipstick as their prizes. I won this Iris Lipstick through an FB giveaway and I am thankful that I loved the lipstick’s color when it arrived on my doorstep (Queen Liberty chose to send this one to me):

I applied the Iris lipstick at around 9 am and it lasted for more than 5 hours before I do some re-touching. Here is a photo of my lips with Iris Lipstick on:


I am sorry, it doesn’t look perfect I just tried to cover my lips with the lipstick I guess.


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