Monthly Archives: August 2013

The “Model” Shoes

My cousin is a model based in Cagayan de Oro City and though I am not “one” of them, she encouraged me to buy this 5 inches high-heeled shoes:

I don’t usually wear high-heels because wearing them makes me look like a bamboo grass already. I am super thin and though I am not that tall, I look tall because of my body frame. But supermodels wore high-heels even though they stand tall. Maybe I am not just used to it but I know in time I will get used to walking tall wearing high-heeled shoes. I am used to wearing flat shoes and slippers and if you are an avid reader of this blog you probably know that I recently learned to walk using wedges and I liked it. That is why I am increasing my high-heeled shoe collections one shoe every month.

SAY Swish, Flash a Smile!!!

I run a business where in I need to talk to people “Face to Face” so I make sure that I look good and that I smell good. Aside from that, I also make sure that I don’t have bad breath because this may turn off my possible customer and new clients.

There are instances that we cannot easily brush our teeth simply because we are caught in a situation that we have just finished eating our meals and there is no place to brush our teeth. So SWISH came into the picture. Yes, you heard, I mean, you read it right, SWISH. The first time I heard about it too, I didn’t know it was a mouth wash.


I am glad that Unilab sent a sample for me to try on and yes it has a powerful effect on me. Powerful in the sense that I don’t have to worry how my mouth smells because I am confident that it smells fresh. Swish Mouthwash can be gargled twice a day for 30 seconds for a long-lasting fresh breath. Aside from the fact that it helps kill bacteria it also prevents plaque build up and tooth decay. I also like the Swish Breath Spray because I can always bring it with me wherever I go. I just have to spray 1 to 2 pumps into my mouth and it freshen my breath instantly.

What is so great about Swish is that they have 5 refreshing variants available to choose from: Gentle Mint (Icy Choco Mint), Mild Mint (Mangosteen Mint), Strong Mint (Peppermint Fresh), Super Strong Mint (Cinnamon Blast), and Intensely Strong Mint (Arctic Chill). Having too many variants gives you a lot of choices. If you like it strong then you can go try out the Cinnamon Blast or the Arctic Chill and if you like it mild you can check out Icy Choco Mint and Mangosteen Mint.


My Experience at Spa Oriental Beauty Parlor

It is not everyday that I pamper myself, so when I visited my friend at his new business venture, I never hesitated to try out their Nail Art. I really love nail arts because they look so cool, but I don’t know how to apply it on my own nails. I am glad that Spa Oriental in Maramag Bukidnon offers Nail Art services for a very affordable price. They have so many designs available and yes the nail artist that we fondly called “Nene” knows how to apply it.

My friend took a photo of me while I was being pampered, and see, I am very happy, sitting in a very relaxing couch.
Though it took almost 1 hour to finish, it was worth the wait. I chose to have my nails decorated with cherries. Yes, I almost want to eat my nails because I love cherries.

Nail Art is one of Spa Oriental’s great services. They also offer a lot more, so if you are living in Bukidnon and want to try it out, go and check Spa Oriental. It is so easy to find the place, just tell the driver to take you to Villa Verde Building. Spa Oriental occupies the whole of 2nd floor.