My first BDJ Box

This is my first time to subscribe for a BDJ Box and I am so lucky to receive a complete skincare line for the millenials. Shiseido’s Ibuki is one of the best beauty products that is currently available in the market today.

I have not tried any of Shiseido’s products just yet and thanks to BDJ for giving me a chance to check Shiseido’s Ibuki and try them myself.
1236996_10151609384412499_994420166_nThis will not be my last BDJ BOX.

5 Responses to My first BDJ Box

  1. I think BDJ has the best sample boxes in the country

  2. Whoa, lots of beauty products to try! I’m sure you’ll be really busy with your product reviews soon!

  3. shiseido is really a good product. let us know how the ibuki performs… been thinking of trying it out myself. 😀

  4. congrats on your first bdj box! next time glamourbox naman! 🙂

  5. jo, how to avail the bdj box? na interest tuloy ako sa contents nya…:)

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