Megan Young WON in Miss World 2013

Congratulations to Miss Megan Young for winning tonight. She is an epitome of a true Filipina, beauty and brains indeed. She is the right candidate for tonight’s Miss World pageant and for the first time, Philippines made it to the top!

Miss Megan Young gave the Philippines its very first Miss World Crown. Aside from that, Philippines is the FIRST COUNTRY to win ALL THE MAJOR TITLES when Megan Young won tonight. Miss Universe (1969 and 1973), Miss World (2013), Miss International (1964, 1970, 1979, 2005), Miss Earth (2008), Miss Tourism Queen International (2006), Miss Supranational (2013).

Congratulations PHILIPPINES. We are indeed a country of Beauty Pageants!!!

5 Responses to Megan Young WON in Miss World 2013

  1. Megan Young is so deserving ever since she has this aura of a beauty queen. Kiber sa mga bashers ingit lang sila.

  2. Megan Young really made us all proud. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, and congratulations, Megan Young!

  3. she really is a beauty! despite the ugly politics in the philippines, it is good to know that pinay beauties can still outshine the rest of the world… 😀

  4. congrats on her for winning the title! I remember her in Betty La Fea and she really is beautiful

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