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Top 5 Reasons to Travel

There are a lot of reasons why people travel, and there are also a lot of reasons why people dare not travel. There are a lot of reasons why people don’t want to travel because they do not have the money to spend on travelling, they do not have the time to travel and that they simply hate to travel.

I have 5 reasons why I travel and some people can give you more than 10 reasons why you need to travel.

  1. One reason why I travel and why you should too is that it connects us to other cultures and people. Yes, I am speaking of travelling internationally, abroad, in another country that is not yours. When I was in College, I always loved History and Geography, because I have learned a lot about other countries. So when I finished College, I made sure to experience it firsthand.
  2. Another reason why I travel is de-stressing. Yes, travelling reduces stress because I am experiencing another country without thinking about work, about deadlines and about other financial matters.
  3. Third reason why you should travel is to find yourself. Sometimes, we are lost but we just do not know it. Our life becomes very ordinary and that we wake up every day doing the same thing all over again.  There is no room for enjoyment, you wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, have lunch, work again, go home, have dinner and eventually go to sleep. You tend to do this every single day and you thought everything is okay.
  4. Experience different climates in different places. I have lived in the Philippines and yes we don’t experience autumn, spring and winter. We only have summer and the rainy seasons. Sometimes it gets too hot but not so hot like you are in the desert.
  5. The last but not the least reason why you and I should travel is to eat yummy foods and stay in great hotels. If we only stay in one place, we will not get the chance to eat yummy and exotic food delicacies and specialties from other places and countries. There are so many local foods and delicacies that are only available in that country and though there are restaurants that offer the same foods in your country, the tastes still vary. Of course, it is not every day that you are on vacation that is why you should travel to experience how it feels to stay in different hotels and inns.

Travel while you are still young so that you have something to share and tell when you get old.

My first BDJ Box

This is my first time to subscribe for a BDJ Box and I am so lucky to receive a complete skincare line for the millenials. Shiseido’s Ibuki is one of the best beauty products that is currently available in the market today.

I have not tried any of Shiseido’s products just yet and thanks to BDJ for giving me a chance to check Shiseido’s Ibuki and try them myself.
1236996_10151609384412499_994420166_nThis will not be my last BDJ BOX.

Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013

Last night was a very GOOD night for all of us because Pangantucan Bukidnon won Miss Tourism 2013. Yes, my cousin, our representative/candidate for the Search for Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013 brought home the CROWN and we are so proud of her.

Kor Jeanne Evangelista-Garces was crowned Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013 last night with 2 minor awards, Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimsuit attire. The Pageant was held in Folk Art Theater Provincial Tourism of Bukidnon and the place was FULL of people from all over Bukidnon. The event started on time and I am glad I was seated in the front rows.

When the event started, I was so nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. This is the second time I attended a pageant that my cousin has joined. The first time was during the Search for Miss Pangantucan. During the event, my heart pumps so fast because I am very proud for my cousin and nervous for the result. Of course, I want her to WIN the crown and I believe that she could do it but still, there are a lot of things to consider that is why I am really scared for her. But everything WENT WELL, and I want to thank God for a very successful event for all of us.

Let me share some photos during the event here in my post and if you want to see all the photos during the event, you can FIND IT HERE.

Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013 RESULTS:
Minor Awards:

  • Miss Congeniality – Cabanglasan
  • Miss Photogenic – Pangantucan
  • Best in Casual Wear – Dangcagan
  • Best in Swimsuit – Pangantucan
  • Best in Evening Gown – Maramag

Major Awards:

  • Miss Tourism Bukidnon – Pangantucan
  • 1st Runner Up – Dangcagan
  • 2nd Runner Up – Valencia City
  • 3rd Runner Up – Kibawe


CONGRATULATIONS KOR JEANNE EVANGELISTA-GARCES!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!! You make us all proud!!! Thank you for making Pangantucan Bukidnon WON MISS TOURISM 2013!