Monthly Archives: October 2013

Having a Great Event

I’ve been into different types of event in the last couple of months. From fashion shows, pageants, down to school presentations. However, not all that I’ve attended can be said a perfect event.

Well, how can you say that an event that you graced is a good one? For me what makes an event unforgettable is the way it was well organized. A great line up of program is a must, pair it with an energetic host. Of course, not to mention the design or the theme of the stage has to be appealing and relevant to the said event. Having an upbeat music controlled by an exciting midi controller at guitar center has to be on top of the list too to give life to the event. And lastly, good food for the attendees.

When all of these are met, then you sure have an event that is worth to remember.

Online Shopping for an OOTD

I am a certified online shopper. I saw a friend posting her nice-looking arm candies on instagram and I am glad that she tagged the online shop where she bought it. I followed the online shop right away and ordered 2 sets of arm candies with watches because it was soooooo cheap compared to other online stores. Another friend told me that she liked my arm candies so I bought 3 sets from the same online shop and gave the other 2 to her as a birthday gift. Yes I am a constant client of this online shop because I love her arm candies so much, it is unique and it is not expensive. You can check out Knick_N_Knacks on Instagram and order a set for yourself.

But lately, the owner posted a photo of a pink origami skort paired with a lacey racer back top I immediately loved it and reserved it. And though I was not able to pay immediately for time constraint, I am glad that the owner didn’t gave it to another shopper.
But when the package arrived, I was surprised to see these lovely fashion bracelets together with my order. Oh my, thank you so much Ward_Robe for these beautiful freebies to match my OOTD.

537812_10151712940352499_441401699_nWhat I Wore:

Pink Origami Shorts and Lacey Racer Back from Ward Robe.

Arm Candies from Knick N Knacks.

Primadonna sexy sandals.

Secosana Bag.

Wear leather jackets in time

While leather jackets can be expensive, they can also add a touch of fashion to any wardrobe. When you own a leather jacket, it is important to care for it properly. Failure to do so can lead to rips or other damages.

To care for your leather jacket, start by applying a thick coat of leather conditioner to the entire surface. Make sure that you apply the conditioner in a circular motion. Conditioner should be applied several times a year. Next, protect your jacket from rain and moisture. Whenever possible, prevent wearing your jacket when it is snowing or raining outside. However, if your jacket does become wet, dry it as soon as possible. When drying, avoid using heat sources. Instead, hang your jacket and allow to dry naturally. Every six months, take your leather jacket to a professional cleaner.

At some point in time, your leather jacket may become torn. If this occurs, start by washing the torn area with a small amount of dish liquid. Next, wipe the area with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry. Cover the area with a small amount of leather compound. Several layers may need to be applied. Finally, let the jacket sit for at least 24 hours. If the hole is to large to repair, take a look at the leather jackets featured at