Cruisin’ Together

Vacations are often an integral aspect of life, with many individuals saving a portion of their income every single year toward the experience. With an economy that is slowly starting to heal, more and more people in the United States are starting to feel more at ease with having an annual vacation. One of the most popular vacations happen onboard cruise lines, going to specific locations all across the world. A multi-billion dollar business, the cruise line industry has seen a growth in revenue these last two of years. In fact, some lines are continuing to build new ships to accommodate the large demand for cruise vacations. Many of these cruises go to tropical islands, seeking to expand and enhance their customer’s experience and loyalty.

According to statistics, the cruise industry represents over $35 billion in annual revenue, with figures expected to reach over $40 billion within the the next year. This popular vacation option comes in first compared to theme parks, which are also included within the billions of dollars of revenue received by vacationers. Many psychologists believe that vacations are helpful for resting the mind and relieving stress, both of which can be important for aiding the productivity within the workplace. That being said, many companies hiring full-time employees will often have a vacation package or plan detailed within their job structure. Many employees receive paid vacation, and some employees may be eligible to receive discounts toward their vacation based on their company.

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