Penshoppe’s TEES

I am a big fan of Penshoppe’s Express-On Tees. So when I visited their stores a month ago, I did not hesitate to buy 2 new tees from them.
My mom chose the two tees for me because the fit looks perfect on me and I don’t look like a beggar on these. So when we went to Dahilayan I wore the “Wasted Memory” tee and look at me wearing it here:
And the blue one is a “I am Pinoy” tee from Penshoppe:

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  1. I like Penshoppe clothes. I bought 3 tees there last time, it’s fabric is soft and the color doesn’t fade.

  2. I like their clothes. I bought 3 tees there last time, the fabric is soft and the color doesn’t fade.

  3. my eldest son loves penshoppe shirts, he buys a shirt from penshoppe every now and then

  4. I love the teal color tee.

  5. It sure looks great on you specially when you have that kind of slim figure.

  6. i am also a tee’s girl since they are easy to pair with anything and very comfortable to wear, even when you have to carry a 24-kilo child in one arm! those look really nice. maybe i should check their store the next time i visit the mall!

  7. I love wearing comfy clothing when traveling. Tees and tops and jeans are great.

  8. i love the print…simple yet meaningful:) you look great on them!

  9. even if you wear clothes with holes on it.. i dont think u would look like a beggar. i used to buy penshoppe shirts when i was in HS and College. they have some pretty good quality shirts.

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